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rachitic children, while older children reduce the likelihood of a mother

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More information about the bad consequences of rickets that the mother can not be ignored!

There are many young children who have rickets but not detected early and treated promptly has a strong influence on the development of children.

The early signs of rickets are expressed in the nervous system: young or fussy, restless sleep or startled sleep, sweating, theft, loss of hair behind your head. Gradually the symptoms appear in the bone:

Rickets causes a lot of negative implications for girls. (Photo).

- In young children: soft skull bones, oil prone to distortion, the flat at the rear or side by lying. Fontanel wide, slow immediately. Teeth slowly.

- In older children: First to have the tumor and chest forward as dirty chicken breasts. Ribs sticking out at the link between cartilage and bone beads are called ribs.

- The body slowly narrowed to know your child, crawling, sitting, standing, walking.

Without timely treatment will leave sequelae in the bone, such as chest deformity, scoliosis stooped, bent limbs, leg bowing (O) or foot letters bowl (X), a narrow pelvis.

The deformation of the bones will reduce the height of the child, limited respiratory function, gait change and negatively affect future fertility for girls.

Rickets is not only affecting the skeletal system but also affects the nervous system and muscles. nutrition for children - children in the hospital - children health

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