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Improved skin to age 40

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1 Improved skin to age 40 on Tue May 22, 2012 3:28 pm


I am 40 years old, dull skin, eye wrinkles, large pores. Please help me forum advice for how to improve your beautiful skin back. (Minh Hai)

When I turned 40, people seem to have experienced all the same level of life. This is a ripe age in human life in terms of career, finance and experience, is when people begin to enjoy life slows after the age of young fruits of their efforts. This is where we should be concerned about health and skin condition. There simply is that you should physical examinations for skin skin examination by modern machines, for any signs of skin aging to previous treatment and the application of rejuvenation therapies as well as prevent the subsequent decline of the skin.

Rejuvenation with stem cell rejuvenation therapy offers rapid and lasting results. The effect on the skin's stem cells is an impact of the deep roots "in spring" or preventing the risk of maintaining aging skin is always in healthy condition.

In essence, always stem cell self-renewal properties due to cell division and ability to re-create many different types of skin cells. Our mission is to regenerate and produce, we have good resilience skin cells aging, as well as launched new skin beautiful and healthy.

Biotechnology stem cells isolated from the stem cells' membrane lining the umbilical cord "of Professor Phan Toan Thang (National University of Singapore) is described as follows: when the skin cell proliferation and differentiation Development in specific environments, they have liberated into the environment of the extracellular components such as collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Fibronectin and micro nutrients. This time, the skin cells become "factories" to produce biological components important for skin and skin stem cells. Based on the inclusion of this extracellular nutrients, the experts create the stem cell product line with exceptional additional components such as: Soluble Fibronectin, vitamin E and albumin, accelerating the regeneration process new skin cells, increasing collagen and elastin.

Therapy using stem cells for women will eliminate the symptoms is already being realized with the naked eye on the face: lumpy skin, deep wrinkles, skin loses elasticity, sag paste, burnt , melasma.

Skin rejuvenation treatment method application of stem cells is usually achieved high results after a short period: all skin radiant, smooth surface, firm, healthy skin is enhanced due to resistance , the pitted scar disappears, pores will close and become rosy.

In addition to the effect caring, nurturing, prevents skin aging, stem cells also supports efficient recovery after treatment of certain diseases such as acne, pigmentation, skin lesions.

Currently, Institute cosmetic system tech Placencare is a center of biotechnology applications of stem cells in the treatment of skin rejuvenation and treatment will tighten pores, remove scar depressions, pitted scars, remove wrinkles, WHITENING.

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