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Miiverse and the way "the clouds" of Wii U

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1 Miiverse and the way "the clouds" of Wii U on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:07 pm


Nintendo has announced Miiverse, digital content services and games on social networking platforms, designed to integrate with your gaming console of its generation is Wii U.

According to Reuters, the strategy that Nintendo has announced basically similar to what Apple and Sony have developed a long time.

Initial designs of the Wii U - Photo: Reuters

Analysts said that Nintendo was too late to capture the trend of online games as well as social networks, so the company needs a lot of effort in the future to compete with many other opponents stunned.

But according to Slashgear, Miiverse offer chat features (chat), the avatar (avatar), the community and many other useful features.

Developed around the Mii avatar character typical of Nintendo, support services Miiverse text messages or handwriting, which can be accessed through a mobile browser on the phone as intelligent and tablets, from which U Wii allows players to quickly get help from friends when confronted with the level of play as well as highly challenging.

Nintendo said Miiverse support and direct interaction between stylus or virtual keyboard on the screen while chatting contents can be displayed through an external TV monitor or right on the screen 6, 7 inches of the handle Wi U Gamepad.

Ahead E3 game exhibition in 2012, Nintendo has revealed some new images related to hardware upcoming Wii game U.

Specifically, it is holding a Wii controller U Pro Controller with "wings" black hand completely new table U Wii gamepad modified somewhat from the original design.

According to Slashgear, holding U Pro Controller Wii controller not equipped with touch screen, more convenience when playing the game the old style, but still comes two analog joysticks.

Meanwhile, holding U Wii Gamepad style traditional analog designs leaked, with wider width as well as change the location of some buttons and the appearance of a button is set technology designed specifically for connection "habit" NFC.
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