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Tips to relieve nasal congestion for baby

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1 Tips to relieve nasal congestion for baby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:05 pm


Nasal congestion can make baby fussy, lazy eating, poor sleep, especially in the newborn.

Here are five suggestions to help relieve discomfort for the baby has a stuffy nose:

A. Use saline nasal spray
Physiological saline solution spray is considered safe nose, even with babies. Lay your baby on your back, your baby's head slightly tilted (but not force makes them nervous). Then lightly spray saline solution 1-2 drops on each side of her nose.

Do not worry if she had just finished spraying sneezes because salt water can seep into the nasal cavity after that. With salt water overflow nostrils, you should use soft cloth bucket, wiping her nose gently.

Two. Straws round Cape
The vacuum head and nose the baby has a round vote. Similar physiological saline to small for your baby, your baby lying on his back. Gently squeeze the election round-shaped bulbs to air out all out. Hand while tightening the voting round, gently put the instrument into the baby's nostrils. Then, dropping his hand. Gently draw the instrument out of her nose, wipe with paper towels. Repeat on other side of her nose hole.

3. Vapor bath
Rinse with hot tap water for a few minutes. When water vapor bath, you sit with me in the bathroom for a while. This helps loosen the mucus in the nose. However, to avoid sitting near the pot of boiling water is evaporating because he can burn.

4. Running a humidifier air
Winter, dry air to break her nose. Running a humidifier in the room when the baby is sleeping can be a stuffy nose remedy for children.

Five. Raising the buffer
When the head is advanced, the baby will breathe more easily. Avoid placing pillows under her head high because of the increased risk of cot death in children. Instead, put a towel under the cushion, seat cushion for the baby's head slightly raised. rachitic children

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