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Vegetarian children - should or not?

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1 Vegetarian children - should or not? on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:05 pm


The stars hit as Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow Bethenny Frankel or their children do not eat meat.

However, nutrition experts have urged parents to think carefully before applying this diet for your child. Here are some useful tips to help you carefully consider the vegetarian baby.

The number of vegetarians is currently on the rise. That the media is trying to call the people to eat healthy, plus many stars are believers that this form of vegetarianism became fashionable and extremely popular.

A survey conducted in 2005 by a market research company showed that 3% of Americans aged 8 to 18 are a vegetarian, up 1% from the previous survey data. In addition, the number of vegetarian infants also increased. Please read our advice below to ensure your baby get a menu full of nutrients needed.

Infants and children need iron
They begin to lose the iron stores are available in about 6 months old, and most pediatricians will recommend that the appropriate time to add meat or cereal in the diets of children. Iron is an important mineral nutrients needed to maintain various body functions, including the transport of oxygen in the machine, the daily energy supply and child brain development.

Infants and young children at risk for iron deficiency, high blood infection if they do not get a balanced diet. There are many good vegetarian food for the supply of iron to the body as iron-fortified cereals, broccoli, peas, apricots, pears and spinach. Contact your pediatrician to know the amount of iron needed for the child if your child is not eating meat.

Is a vegetarian diet can actually make your child healthier?
There is some evidence that young vegetarians are at risk of diabetes, obesity and gain less weight than children who eat meat. However, young vegetarians have additional modes of nutrients and proteins from plants are very strict.

"Fasting is a great diet for your health if you're really serious implementation of the general rules of a balanced diet and nutrition to ensure the quantity of nutrients derived from plants enough to compensate up the number of nutrients have overlooked in meat "- the doctors share.

Children need fat
Young children need fat to grow nerve cells and brain. Many doctors recommend that, when the child reaches 12 months old, children drink more milk or yogurt to ensure development. There are some concerns about children being vegetarian will not get full fat from your diet as a child to eat meat.

However, just as the interest of other nutrients, as long as parents keep a full range of factors, a complete vegetarian diet is nutrient can do. rachitic children

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