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Distinguishing child's cough

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1 Distinguishing child's cough on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:07 pm


cough are common symptoms in children. Often caused by the irritation from the air or in the throat and lung diseases.

Identify the cause of cough
- Heavy in the morning cough: cough with a fever can be caused by viruses. When viruses cause sore throat or cold, the baby is often coughing up green phlegm (yellow) in the first few days. Prolonged cough without signs of remission. If continuous fever, causes vomiting, the doctor should take her soon.

If mild symptoms not requiring treatment, the cough goes away. He may have a cough or fever due to cold sick. When symptoms such as fever, colds, cough drop, disappear.

Baby should drink enough water (milk with infant children), especially in hot weather. The doctor can specify use paracetamol for children. Most symptoms will decrease after 4-5 days, although a mild cough continued weekly.

The more severe symptoms after 4-5 days it should take her to the doctor immediately. Where necessary, the doctor will treat with antibiotics for the baby. In some cases, after infection, the baby will have "cough" persistent but usually mild, does not appear at night.

- Cough with wheeze: continuous cough, dry cough, cough at night may be due to asthma. Especially with family history of asthma.

She needs medical care immediately. Prove constant cough Asthma out of control of parents and should be treated with medication. Many children also prevent asthma and relieve asthma breathing tube.

Tobacco smoke can affect children with asthma. Babies whose parents smoke are twice or more babies whose parents do not smoke.

- Cough after choking can be caused by foreign material remains in the lungs (such as beans). If you suspect something, you should take her to the doctor immediately. Your doctor will conduct an operation to remove an object stuck in the baby.

- Many children have a cough due to bronchial Milk campaign. The cause may be due to interoperability between swallowing and breathing less (probably because she was breastfeeding in a horizontal position a long time). The situation will be improved when the baby is feeding people in a standing position.

Prevent and respond to baby cough
- With a little over 1 year, raising the bed (head) of the baby with some books. May prescribe extra pillow for the baby. For infants under 1 year old, not the baby's head elevated.

- Use a humidifier for the baby's room. Or maybe boil a pot of boiling water in her bedroom a few minutes. Remember to remove the pitcher. Avoid baby close to warm water. Do not boil water without an adult watching. Water vapor that air is not dry, help your child breathe easier, through phlegm.

- Small in the back of the pillows or blankets, crib aromatic oil droplets (which for her) and help her breathe easier. Or essential oil on a handkerchief and put towels under her mattress.

- Honey and lemon cough effects over 1 year old baby.

- Avoid sudden temperature changes because it makes the cough worse.

Cough medicine
Currently, there are many products available to treat cough in all age children. The effect of different drugs are due to many factors. Remember, the medication must follow instructions of a specialist. You can see more information about cough medicine for children as follows:

- Drugs such as pholcodine or codeine cough may not be used for the baby.

- Aromatic inhaled drugs such as Karvol only recommended for children over 3 months old and she works well when multiple nasal congestion due.

- Drugs with the expectorant cough with phlegm.

- Cough syrup for children usually quite safe and effective with dry cough.

In general, baby cough medicine can cause overdose or harmful if used for long periods. rachitic children

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