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Avoid the 'trapping' in the home for children

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1 Avoid the 'trapping' in the home for children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:08 pm


Safe for children - the problem 'know, suffering much, say forever', many parents still ignore and neglect.

NLT 4 years of her mother, staying in Tan Binh District, HCMC. Complained that the rent houses, rooms very small, so he was afraid of burn injuries happen to children. Family cooking out of space barrier, with the wooden barrier height 80cm, making impossible to be gloomy. After boiling the water bottle to the ground speed, this bottle is safe barrier.

Often after boiling, the mother opened the lid to the super-speed cold water. She thought the baby might not come against the barrier. Any doubt, a few minutes after I T., throw small balls into boiling water just open the lid, making boiling water shot in the head, arms, back, made me II-III degree burns.

Safe for children - the problem 'know, suffering much, say forever', many parents still ignore and neglect. (Photo).

Curious, mischievous and hyperactive which is characteristic of children. So sometimes that can happen unfortunately tragic accidents.

To ensure the safety of children, some parents do the following:
A. Storage detergent bottles, drugs or toxic liquid ... where children can not reach it. It is best to lock in the boxes and so on high.

Two. The sharp objects such as knives, scissors ... to reach children.

3. Upholstered cushion the sharp corners in the house such as corner tables, cabinets

4. The temperature of the water system in the home must always lower than 50 degrees C, because the majority of accidents in children are boiling water burns.

Five. Electrical equipment in the house must be insulated, and avoid giving children against electrical shock, injury unfortunately.

6. Constantly keep an eye on kids as when against water, bathing, or playing an outside their ...

7. The need is available in a case of first aid injuries
rachitic children

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