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The treatment when she fell head-first

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1 The treatment when she fell head-first on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:09 pm


Stay calm, do not be afraid to cry or shout as this can provoke panic. Conducted if there is bleeding bleeding. Use a clean cloth (possibly for several stone cold inside) press lightly on the wound. A moment later, the blood will stop flowing.

The skull is the best cover helps protect the brain. It is covered by skin vascular system interlaced. Should be distinguished from traumatic skull and brain injury. In most cases, when the child fell just skull injuries only. If the skin is torn, blood can flow a lot. Broken blood vessels under the skin can also cause blood clots, forming large tumors. This tumor would quickly collapse if the ice.

Biggest concerns after the baby is falling brain injury, as bleeding or brain trauma due to impact. Block hemorrhagic edema or condition will cause brain compression, shown out by a series of signs, hereinafter referred to as signs of brain injury.

What to do when he put down first?


After a fall, at first she can rise to the tumor is. Please proceed to this place ice within 20 minutes. If necessary, after resting for 5 minutes can be used for a further 20 minutes. Be patient, then you will see smaller tumors. Hold your baby to sit still compresses are very difficult but you should try. Sometimes, after healing, tumor may leave calcium deposits under the skin held to a pea. Ice can help prevent this phenomenon.

If your baby is awake, walking, talking, playing as normal as before, only falling ice and monitoring. Hold your baby is formula for at least an hour early. Then she slept for a bit but not exceeding 20 minutes.

Should take her to see a doctor if they appear suspicious head injuries following:

- Loss of consciousness: If your child is unconscious, even a few seconds, can also think that shock is strong enough force to cause blood clots. If your baby cry immediately after the fall, their parents can rest assured that your child is awake.

- Disorders of consciousness: After falling, she is still awake for some time but then again there are abnormal signs such as difficulty coax agitation, drowsiness, poor exposure (could not focus her attention on you, not look into your eyes, do not follow your request, do not recognize the family ...). If your child does not resist ice, you can rest assured that your baby is good exposure.

- Vomiting: If your baby is vomiting from 3 times or more the need to see a doctor. Normally, after a fall, even when there is no brain injury, many children can still vomiting 1 or 2 times, by crying, coughing or simply due to the impact of the skull. In case the baby vomiting, within a few hours after a fall, the baby should only drink water or breastfeeding, your baby should not introduce solids.

- Take unsteadiness, loss of balance: After a fall, many babies can cry dizziness. This is nothing dangerous. But if she lost her balance and fell down on the need to go see a doctor immediately. When children play, let's keep track of everything she has done as before not (sit, walk firmly, move limbs normally) or little wobbly, dragging legs, disorientation ... If she did not know to go see what they noticed unusual baby sitting, crawling or unarmed.

- Many unusual crying, could not coax.

- Constant headache, especially bad if the pain was increasing.

- Signs of the eye: Within 24 hours after the fall may appear as signs of crossed eyes, and death are not two parties, baby or tripping on objects such as tuberculosis can not see them. Older children may be blurred vision, diplopia (see one of two).

- Bleeding or discharge from the nose or ears

- Weak arm or leg paralysis.

- Sleep more: Children tend to fall asleep after the fall, which makes monitoring the situation became aware of the difficult task for parents. If she falls at night, or close to nap now know it's hard to sleep because of time or because of injury. If you can not keep him then let her sleep mode, but should be monitored every two hours. Take her to a doctor if any of the following symptoms: skin color from pink to pale, pale; irregular breathing, have very shallow breathing or episodes of apnea 10-20 seconds; seizures.

If you have any doubts and worries that do not want to wake her, make her a wake. Pull baby sit or stand up and then put her to lie down (do not lay your baby provinces). Usually, the baby will turn gray and sought to find a comfortable position. If baby does not react, then wake up completely by her to baby sit or stand up, her eye balls out, lay call. If she opened our eyes, look you, complain or try to smile and lie down you can safely go to sleep. In contrast, if she did not protest, do not complain, pale skin, irregular breathing and shortness of breath, you should take her to a doctor.

Subscribe at home after a doctor visit
In some cases, brain injuries but was not there but her expression when examined by a doctor and will be sent home. She should be followed up in a few days later. Take her to check if one of the following signs: crying much, headaches increase, nausea or vomiting much, difficulty walking, talking or looking; drowsiness, difficulty waking; any movement often, convulsions.

If the track does not have the time nothing unusual expression in the long run it is no concern. Remember that most of the impact of a fall are caused minor injuries, but please take her to the doctor if there is any doubt. rachitic children

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