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The old obsession with stairs

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1 The old obsession with stairs on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:46 pm


Buildings in the old apartment becomes the obsession of the elderly when to move from above to below ground and vice versa.

Older people becoming isolated himself by walking difficulties and stairs become an obsession.

I have lived in her gut the military dormitory in Ward Nam Dong (Dong Da district, Hanoi) for sale by helping her apartment at 5th floor. Buildings are built from the 80's of last century is becoming fear because every time she goes up and down difficult because of arthritis raging. She sold the house to move into the south and hoping to reduce suffering from disease. But by the time the housing market freezes as now, it's hard to sell quickly.

Suddenly, she called me told not to sell anymore. Ideas have nothing more urgent, I stopped to visit her. It's amazing to see her cantering I walked out the door whirring open to invited guests tea. As to explain to my surprise, she laughed, slapping hands on his knees: "The joint is stable and Asia, doctors see drug should meet now and again delicious."

Weekly tea, she said the agency has been giving periodic health examination, the doctor and advise on a sore leg in detail. So, instead of "self-employed doctors" who buy some pain, she began taking medication as directed by your doctor. And yet excited, she pulled out several pill boxes to "show off" to me: "It is true that years are also visits periodically to timely treatment. Correct patient, right medication, taken at different Asia. "

On her hand is the functional food box from the USA, the red-blue box Lubrex extra medication, Samio, Samio Vietnam's Forte ... She also shared, was promptly introduced to some old friends to visit a doctor and buy medicine use.

Look at her, I forget the image of elderly men hold each up and down stairs, fumbling step because dogged joint disease. Thanks to good medicine, now no longer the stairs of her obsession with me.
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