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Helping children to chew faster

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1 Helping children to chew faster on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:10 pm


When born, baby just be sucking and swallowing reflexes of the baby food is milk. Until the baby is 4-6 months old, not enough milk for your baby's development anymore, she needs to add other foods. So the baby's digestive tract under development to meet the nutritional needs of children. Teeth begin to grow, more saliva, intestinal absorption of other foods are milk ...

However, since there is no baby teeth should not develop chewing skills. She still swallowed flour and porridge. During this period, if the baby is feeding properly, he will file chew slowly.

But most parents are worried they are not getting enough nutrition should still grind very fine flour and porridge and feeding as breast milk, and baby food on their backs to slip her throat and not in chewing and swallowing. So, so ... for large baby had no chance to set a champ. So how do you chewable baby know?.

Some tips to help your child know chewing
First of all, parents have to know your baby solid foods properly. First is the right age (4-6 months), the correct posture (for eating) even though she spat out a half, the right foods (not milled flour porridge, minced only).

Also soft meal (flour, rice porridge) for her a piece of cake or fruit chew baby set. Either parent can file for child chew snack cake ... Her own mother can give her briefly in the left hand was all the delight of dishes by hand, by eye, the tongue. These foods are not dangerous for the baby to the mouth, he barely chew, a while later with saliva, food, and then melted. Thus, he very quickly said chewing.

Do not put the pieces so to do he can not chew. Initially, she should just put the food for half the corn kernels or not to the bean. At first, maybe he will feel in the mouth and her piglets can chew as a model for human food. Maybe I'll start gagged, but after a few times, you will know and know to chew.

With the baby had "seniority suck": Do not give baby snacks between meals to hungry children. Hungry baby should be chewed but swallowed, then if she does not eat all of your breast feeding ground for the rest was not worried letter from malnutrition.

Feeding meals with the food "favorite" of the child as fruit, milk, yoghurt ...

Create a meal focus:
Do not watch TV while eating, playing games, noisy surroundings ... attention because of her busy things outsiders should "forget chewing" (we only fool puts her mouth to catch food and not chew because he is little impact of the initiative). rachitic children

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