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Anorexia in children because medication

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1 Anorexia in children because medication on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:12 pm


Anorexia in children is quite common condition. Especially in children 1-3 years old, the rate of anorexia can reach 30-40%. Among many causes of anorexia, there is a drug. Drugs in this may be antibiotics, special medications (diuretics, cancer ...) including vitamins. For children, usually by antibiotics and vitamins.

Why do young anorexic drugs?
When sick, tired children, the response of the body against infection as children born anorexia substances (cytokines). Fever dried digestive diseases alter the basic metabolism, feed conversion also causes loss of appetite. Children taking medication, drugs absorbed into the blood, digestive juices secreted in the saliva that - bitter mouth. If your child is taking multiple medications will fill the stomach, the food contains no more room.


If your child is taking antibiotics long-term (over 14 days) will cause disorders of the digestive system, and anorexia. Some medications have side effects anorexia in children (diuretics, antibiotics, heart failure, antifungal ...) The supplements are vitamins and minerals ... if high doses and prolonged, not as directed by your doctor will balance the loss of nutrients. Thus, we see there are many mechanisms causing loss of appetite when they take medication.

What to do when young anorexia?
When young patients, do not force your child to eat as normal as more and more fearful force your child, then all children will be sick appetite really. Let children eat less but many times to ensure nutrition for children. Processing of foods your child likes or sweet, aromatic and visual beauty to attract children. Processing of easily digested food such as porridge, soup, flour, vegetable soup that children love perfumed ... Give the child plenty of cool water or milk to the refrigerator (do not fear the cold water for a sore throat sore throat only when the child suck on ice or cold throughout the whole body). Medicines only as directed by your doctor, including digestive enzymes and vitamins. rachitic children

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