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Baldness and hair loss treatment herbal

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1 Baldness and hair loss treatment herbal on Tue May 22, 2012 3:33 pm


Super Special Formula Hair Regro help stimulate hair growth, improves hair follicles, scalp.

In addition, this product also increases elasticity, keeping the thickness as well as hair restoration, hair loss prevention, do not open the scalp and pores clogging.

Super Hair Regro for the sparse hair, or hair or less hair loss. Not only women, but the gentleman can also use this product to stimulate, regenerate, nourish the hair grow thick and healthy. Products containing natural plant ingredients, which helps promote hair growth, safely and without side effects.

Transdermal technology Therapeutic System (TTS) of your skin absorption is a quick and effective.

The composition of the Super Hair Regro including whey contains Ginseng, Ginko Biloba extract, AHA fruit acids (Alpha Hydro), Biotin and other natural ingredients. When used as directed within 7 days to two weeks, you'll get thicker hair, silky smooth and healthy-looking. This formula is gentle enough to use twice a day but strong enough to repel the effects of Alopecia.

You just spray a ml, about 5-6 times onto the clean dry scalp twice daily as directed without massage or deleted.

You can increase or decrease the dose as necessary and external use only.

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