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The trick to regain radiance to the skin after 1 week

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The sunny season is making your skin fatigue, less fresh because not promptly adapt. Please detoxify the skin, delivering radiant looks rosy after 7 days by the simple tips below.

Monday: Fruit yogurt mix

Strawberries, apples, bananas, 1 cup yogurt, honey ... mix well, making the dish very interesting and cool the mouth. Strawberries and apples contain pectin helps cleanse the stomach, to help banana laxatives, anti-constipation, honey and yogurt are the best food detoxification.

Tuesday: jasmine tea, rose

Roses, jasmine and mint into a pot with enough water for 3-5 minutes.

Rose is good for gas in the body and blood woman, also good for the liver. Jasmine effective detoxification, anti-inflammatory, reduces fatigue.

Wednesday: Shower with lemon

Fresh lemon to green shell, then puree in a blender to wrap the bag, soaking in the bathtub or shower. Essence of lemon to soak in the skin, eliminating toxins deep in the pores while lemon effect whitening effect

Thursday: Sports

Running for 30 minutes is way to beautiful skin. Running not only can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, but excretion of toxins through the sweat glands. Also during the run, the pituitary β-endorphin production to help you feel good spirits and full of energy.

Friday: Eat to detoxify

Tomatoes, spinach salad or stir-fry to mix with olive oil and eaten with cooked rice from brown rice.

Spinach effects promote metabolism and digestion. Fiber-rich brown rice is called "cleaning" the large intestine, removes large amounts of toxins and to promote blood circulation, enhance immunity.

Saturday: Massage Detoxification

Especially for the scalp and massage your feet will help your body detoxify. You can combine with less oil extracted from grapefruit, dill or rosemary to increase comfort.

Sunday: Day Vegetarian

In this last day, you can choose lighter foods such as vegetables or beans in your diet. Also gentle exercise, sleep early ... this is relaxation and helps the skin effect of air more.
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